Aku Wanita Biasa

Aku urang Sarawak, tapi bukan urang Kuching..

Tentang Aku

Aku urang Sarawak tapi bukan urang Kuching...berjantinakan perempuan sejak dilahirkan..suka bloya..suka ngerepak..mun ko rs bes..joinla blog aku...sbb Aku Wanita Biasa yg suka berblog juak.

About Me

I'm a Sarawakian but does not originate from Kuching...a female since i was born..a talkative and loves to babble a lot..if u think u r det great..do join my blog..because i'm juz an Ordinary Woman, who also likes to blog.

My little angel..,,

Helo....lupak nk upload gmbr si angel ku....
Det super girl is my angel...she'll be 1yr old incoming few days...i havent plan anything for her birthday,moreover,ramadhan is juz around d corner....aigoooo...
Well,i guess i need to plan now...any ideas?

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