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Aku urang Sarawak, tapi bukan urang Kuching..

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Aku urang Sarawak tapi bukan urang Kuching...berjantinakan perempuan sejak dilahirkan..suka bloya..suka ngerepak..mun ko rs bes..joinla blog aku...sbb Aku Wanita Biasa yg suka berblog juak.

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I'm a Sarawakian but does not originate from Kuching...a female since i was born..a talkative and loves to babble a lot..if u think u r det great..do join my blog..because i'm juz an Ordinary Woman, who also likes to blog.

::Pemandu Graduan::

Salam semua....sori for late post bout my big event this week...i promised to type it yesterday but i still couldn't get some pictures from some of my students...So, to my students who saw ur pics uploaded here...thank you very much for sharing them in facebook...

So...whats the tiring n big event?Actually it was a Majlis Konvoksyen Politeknik *** yang ke-18 on the April 28th.....26th was lawatan ke tapak konvo..27th is the full rehearsal..more than thousand had graduated on this convocation and received their certificates and diplomas. Those three days had drained my energy out..
(the backdrop)

I was assigned as the PEMANDU GRADUAN.....oh my god!!!...it was a painful n tiring job...everyone was hanging for their smile until the event ends..i purposely bought a new Hush Puppies sandal to prepare myself from hurting my leg..but still my leg hurts so much...--->bersama geng ayu pemandu?

So...what is a PEMANDU GRADUAN?..hahaha...sounds funny rite?...actually, a PEMANDU GRADUAN is to lead the graduates in an arranged order before receiving their diplomas/certificate...i stood on the stage n reminding more than 300 graduates to smile,to say thanks and not to be nervous...the funny thing is...i watched Berita Wilayah at 5o'clock on RTM1...and i saw a glimpse of myself on the television...I'm on TV!!!(sukk indah drikmpun..sak jk sesaat jk pon)
-->can u spot me there?

Anyway...CONGRATULATIONS to ALL my dearest student...some of them already working...some still looking..it was almost a tearful event for me if not because of the pain that throbing my leg..


2 org suka aku:

  1. Felicia F. Ramzi said...


    sib bukan kau salah gi ngambik sijil miak..muahaha

  2. OrdinaryLady said...

    yerr...aku sa nk ngambik juak skali gk..rindok ati nga nembiak sukk ari ya...

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