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Aku urang Sarawak tapi bukan urang Kuching...berjantinakan perempuan sejak dilahirkan..suka bloya..suka ngerepak..mun ko rs bes..joinla blog aku...sbb Aku Wanita Biasa yg suka berblog juak.

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I'm a Sarawakian but does not originate from Kuching...a female since i was born..a talkative and loves to babble a lot..if u think u r det great..do join my blog..because i'm juz an Ordinary Woman, who also likes to blog.

WOMEN drivers are STUPID?!!

This entry may contains illogical facts that might irritate some people. Please read this post at your own risk.The blogger will not be responsible for any heart feeling after reading this entry.TQ!

Before this i'd posted bout how ignorant women bout their car....but tonite i want to type an entry bout WOMEN & THEIR DRIVING STYLE...this post is a fair warning to men out there who always underestimate WOMEN DRIVERS....You MEN may think women are stupid+daft especially when handling a moving machine..but You MEN might not know what those Women are thinking when they're on road with their ride....Here are some important things to share with male drivers.

  1. NEVER tail a car with a woman as the driver though u think they drive tooo slow.Male drivers should understand what the sign means but female drivers might juz ignore what ur doing. Either they juz didnt get it or they juz want to PISS YOU OFF, they'll still drive slowly.So breath evenly and juz look for the chance to overtake,they will let you..Otherwise, you'll juz gain 10 years older being angry with the female drivers.

  2. NEVER TRUST female drivers when they want to drive out from a junction. Though the road seems clear and You MEN think its safe to follow...but please be aware det female drivers ALWAYS GIVE HER SECOND THOUGHT...they might suddenly stop and look left and right for the veryyyyy lasttt time....if you bumped to her car...you MEN still need to pay since we're still using the universal rule..YOU HIT,YOU PAY laaaaa...

  3. Men SHOULD BE AFRAID when a female drivers are behind their cars.WHY?..because womens' vision is not what in front of them but what are the things in front of their front...So if You MEN think bout braking last mins...please ensure that the female drivers behind you have time to realise that u r braking. Otherwise, your car might get a 'back injury' and though the female drivers still need to pay for the damage, you shud oredi know how a scratched car broke your heart.It will take time to 'refurnish' the car man!

  4. NEVER THINK that a female drivers are too chicken when driving.Even if they are afraid of cars on road..dont be too ignorant to realise that.So what if they're afraid?Do you want to drive for them?You shud feel a lil bit of respect for them because they drive for their own.Maybe there is NO MEN in their house that can be relied sending&fetching them from one place to another.Women dont enjoy driving det much!

  5. Lastly but not least, if you do find a female drivers who are really dangerous, please..please stay far from them.Det mean, THEY ARE REALLY2 DANGEROUS!they wont care either you or them might encounter a dangerous situation.Women can be very NOTORIOUS when they are too stresses and angry. "You Jump?I JUMP!"
I hope my post give You MEN and We WOMEN realise what harm can be caused by a different gender who is driving on the same road. Please have give and take and all of us can have a safe journey anywhere we're heading to.With this, i thank you, for reading.

8 org suka aku:

  1. ken said...

    i believe some men are bad drivers as well =)

  2. OrdinaryLady said...

    Yup, i do believe det too...but usually women are easy target for any fault.. T T..

  3. TOLANIC said...

    Only 10% of female can drive properly. Majority are not. My car kena banged few times already. All of them are by lady drivers.

  4. TOLANIC said...

    Another thing, normally lady drivers are rarely checking the blind spot before cutting the lane. They rarely check before they take the junction. They rarely check the side mirror and back mirror too. I have encounter this everyday.

  5. PoisonKagero said...

    I think women are bad drivers in general. I'm female and a pretty competent one behind the wheel but ahhhh the second-guessing got me rear-ended once by a classmate =/!

  6. Aku Wanita Biasa said...

    Where did u get the 10% statistic?i havent got time to do a research..but I dun think women cant drive..they can..but it juz not in their nature playing with speed,velocity and concentrating on vicinity...its juz like saying only 10% of men can cook...

  7. Aku Wanita Biasa said...

    Generally...yes,they are bad drivers...i myself often pissed off with other female drivers who sumtimes cn b very stubborn on road...but i cant blame women..bcos its not their nature..i repeat it again..its not in their nature..

    Sorry 4 ur car..but i do understand y d lady banged ur car..check my reason no.3 above.And another thing, i do check all my mirror & my blind spot...maybe i'm one of the 10% of female det cn drive properly (,")/

  8. TOLANIC said...

    Maybe you are one of the rare.

    Mostly are still typical lady driver. With these attitudes, I don’t think they can become a commercial pilot because we only want perfect and we cannot accept any human error even it just a little.

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